Jumia Pay Day Deals is Here | Tight on Budget & Got Bills to Pay?

January! The longest month of the year. In fact, sometimes it feels like it drags as though it is the entire 12months combined.
If you are a 9-5 worker, just like me, we are definitely counting down to payday, but we get disheartened when we remember that we have to buy a few more clothes, change a couple of home appliances, replace a faulty mobile phone or laptops and other bills to be paid. Then you realize that you are back square 1.

Now you can relax because Jumia Payday deals is here with amazing discounts! From today, Monday 22nd – 28th of January, 2018, expect to be spoilt with selected deals everyday. Jumia offerings are spot on and are tailored to accommodate your budget.

Get ready to snap up the following offers while it last;
  1. HP Notebook 500GB ROM 4GB RAM at a discounted price of N85,990 (Old price- N109,990); 
  2. Haier Thermocool 32’ inch HD LED TV will retail at N49,490 (Old price- N64,990); 
  3. Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo will be available at N69,500 (Old price- N72,000); 
  4. Binatone Blender will also be sold at N7,990 (Old Price – N10,000) and more.
Jumia Payday deals are a great time to do your shopping. Get the best deals in Nigeria and enjoy the best value for your hard-earned money! Click here to spoil yourself this month with the best deals during Jumia Pay Day Deals!
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