Meet ELASTOMER, the Self-healing Material for Phone Screen Cracks

In the nearest future, you may not be worried about your smartphone screen cracking or breaking because self-healing screens are gradually surfacing to take control of that. It is the latest screen technology coming to replace Corning Gorilla Glass phone screen protection.
Self-healing Screen
If you recall, last year, a team of scientists at University of California Riverside invented a phone screen material that can heal itself.

This year 2018, a Korean tech firm has invented a Self-healing material called elastomer that can heal itself under 30 minutes when scratched, cracked or broken. 

Elastomer is a high molecular material that is able to stretch and shrink under certain conditions at a particular time. When used as a smartphone screen and the screen cracks or breaks, the material will stretch itself to cover the cracked areas and shrink to make it stronger and nice looking again. Isn't this one of the latest tech wonders? I am sure it is.
Before this invention, if the screen of your phone breaks, you normally have two options: Get it repaired or replace the phone entirely. But with this latest discovery, you don't need to worry as the screen will heal itself.

When carrying out this research, the new material was able to recover 80% of its tensile strength in just two hours during a test that carried out cutting and rejoining. After six hours of the test, it even showed tensile strength that was able to lift a 5kg dumbbell.
ELASTOMER raw material
The team of researchers revealed that the Self-healing material can be deployed on smartphone screens as well as other devices for protective reasons.

While this project is a long term one, it's just a matter of time before it becomes rampant and a norm in the smartphone industry.
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