Whatsapp For Blackberry OS 10 Will Enter Depreciation Mode

Its no longer news on how whatsapp tends to kill its application for older devices like Blackberry OS 10 smartphones. Windows Phone 8.0 (and older) operating systems and other smartphones were also affected, as it has passed its end-of-life date of December 31, 2017. 
However, it appears that BlackBerry 10 users have received a slight reprieve, with WhatsApp saying they will get a 'grace period'. It's unclear if users on Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS have received a similar reprieve, and we've reached out for confirmation. The reason behind the move, WhatsaApp says, is the dwindling user base on the respective platforms as consumers are sticking to Android and iOS.

In a statement to Crackberry, Once the date passes Dec 31, 2017, the app will go into "deprecation" mode. It will still continue to function for a short grace period, but some behaviors will change. Most importantly, you will no longer be able to re-register your account with the app. That means if you delete and reinstall it (or install it on a different phone), it will no longer allow you to verify your phone number and complete the setup process.

After the grace period, which is approximately two weeks after the published date, the app will go into "expired" mode. At this point, it will stop functioning as a usable WhatsApp client, and thus will no longer connect to our servers. (Around this same time, our servers will stop allowing the client to connect as well.) However, once it is expired, the BlackBerry 10 client app may still allow you to access your existing message content on your phone. This behavior should be similar to what was seen by everyone who forgot to update their app the last time our published expiration date had passed.

In other words, just because you are still using WhatsApp on your OS 10 device after 31st of December doesn’t mean anything has changed. The BlackBerry 10 client is just a dead app gasping its last breaths of air. As we've mentioned before, you should really being making all efforts to move from the native app as the longer you wait, the more chance there is that you won't even be able to export your data as it requires a connection to WhatsApp servers.
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