WhatsApp Update Now Allows Group Owners to Have Power of Demoting Admins

How will you feel as a WhatsApp Group owner to be removed from your group by a member you made admin? That's one of the major flaws of Whatsapp. But there is an uplifting news...
WhatsApp Group
WhatsApp is working on features that will allow group creators to demote fellow admins just as it's done on Telegram Group. This means that fellow admins will not have the powers to remove or ban other admins, members or even the group owner.

This is the main reason some group owners decides to be the only admin of their groups because whatsapp has not yet given them maximum protection but there is hope now as the Instant Messaging platform is working on ways to give group owners "Super Powers".

When this feature is finally available, WhatsApp group owners can demote admins and limit them to performing certain tasks.

You can restrict an admin from banning a member, removing a member, renaming the group's name, changing the group icon and so on.
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