Airtel Will Be Paying N5m To a Customer For Illegal Deductions If Court Decides

Despite the implementation of the Do Not Disturb (DND) code, we are still having issues where Telecommunication companies in Nigeria induce subscribers with illegal deductions.
Mr. Niyi Bada is demanding N5 million compensation over illegal deductions by Airtel Nigeria. The decision was taken after Mr. Niyi made several attempts to rectify the issue by visiting Airtel service center.

In the letter written through his solicitors, Niyi Bada & Co, dated January 22, 2018 and addressed to the Managing Director Airtel Nigeria and copied the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the solicitor claimed that its client’s mobile line: 0802******, has been inundated with ‘numerous text messages’ in the last two years.

The suit reads:
We are solicitors to Mr. Niyi Bada hereinafter referred to as our client on whose behalf and instruction, we write this letter in respect of the above subject matter. 
It would appear that your company has a policy to fleece subscribers of their hard-earned money, hence the decision to always restore the unsolicited subscriptions even when there were formal and persistent complaints to take them off.
The solicitors said the above subscriptions were neither requested nor solicited by its client, but were surreptitiously and fraudulently imposed on him by your company with the clear intention of stealing his hard-earned money.

Our client has never subscribed to any other service provided by your company as he is only interested in making phone calls and sending text messages on his line which your greedy action of deducting money from his airtime recharge for your dubious subscription has now made onerous and expensive.
We hereby demand on behalf of our client that you make a refund of N5 million to our Client for all the illegal deductions from his airtime recharge on before the 31st of January 2018 failing which we shall be left with no other option than to seek legal redress before a competent court for your clear illegal actions.
Cases like this are not new, and, yes, we’d keep having them, but according to NCC, any issues like this one should be reported using the number 622 or 08002255622, if the complaints are genuine, the commission would take it up and sanction such network operator.

We are not sure whether Mr. Niyi has done that bit, but we’ve reached out to Airtel and would update this post once we get a response.

Until then, have you tried reporting any similar issue(s) to 622?
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