Apple Cutting iPhone X Production Due To Poor Sales

We all know very well that at the time of launch the tech giant Apple hoped to make the iPhone X, the flagship of the brand a sale success even after its high price, However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Apple cutting iPhone X production simply due to its low sales.
It is not the idea today that sales of the tech giant Apple’s flagship device, of course, I am talking about the iPhone X have been below the expectations of the market and especially when it is of the tech giant Apple. The brand hoped to make this equipment a sales success, even after its high price.

A new report is now reinforcing this idea and bringing new information. The tech giant Apple may be considering halving iPhone X production to confirm what it has been talking about for a few months.

When the tech giant Apple introduced the iPhone X, the public’s reactions were of high interest. It all made predict that the tech giant Apple would have on hand another case of successful sales.

The truth is that all available indicators point clearly shows that the reality is not this and sales of the iPhone X are much lower than expected.

Another confirmation has now emerged from the Nikkei Asian Review, which consulted sources within the iPhone’s production chain and who knows that the tech giant Apple intends to substantially reduce its production for the first few months of 2018.

The changes in the iPhone X production chain
Initial forecasts pointed to production figures for the first months of the year that would be around 40 million units. The new values are more modest and point to a production of 20 million units of the iPhone X.

The tech giant Apple has already announced this reduction to its various partners, which deal with the production of the different components and their assembly until the final production of the iPhone X.

The Reasons for Low Sales
Although it is only a rumour, based on internal information from the production chain, the reasons given for this decrease in production focus only on the low sales numbers during Christmas and the end of the year, mainly in key markets such as Europe, the US or China itself.

There are even references to the price too high that the tech giant Apple is practicing for the sale of this model. Evidence of this comes from the increased adherence to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, as previously mentioned.

However, tech giant Apple seems to be already solving this problem, preparing for this year the presentation of an iPhone X with a lower price, which is also revealed in its final specifications.

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