Glo NG Reduce Their Monthly Data Plan/Bundle by 50% 2GB For N1k, 4GB For N2k and etc

Glo NG the grand master of data is slowly following other network in Nigeria, to reduce the amount of data been given to customer with same price range. Although we don't have much information about what prompted this action from Glo NG. This might be a bad news to those who are seriously using the Glo data because the data has just been reviewed.
Glo has technically reduced their data cap for all plans by 50%. Even though their network has been terrible in some locations, some others are seriously using it not knowing that the data will be reviewed.

Old Glo NG data Plan/Bundle
  1. 2GB for N500
  2. 4GB for N1000
  3. 9.5GB for N2000
  4. 24GB for N4000
  5. 30GB for N5000
  6. 55GB for N8000
  7. 75GB for N10000
New Glo NG Data Plan/Bundle
  1. N1000 = 2GB
  2. N2000 = 4.5GB
  3. N2500 = 7.2GB
  4. N3000 = 8.7GB
  5. N4000 = 12.5GB
  6. N5000 = 15.6GB
  7. N8000 = 25GB
  8. N10000 = 32.5GB
  9. N18000 = 62.5GB
  10. N20000 = 78.7GB
If you have been rocking 180GB for N20,000 before, it is now 78.8GB… no official announcement of any kind.

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