How To Stream 9Mobile/Etisalat YouTube Data With AnonyTun Beta 5.0

This post covers the guidelines on how to stream 9Mobile YouTube video data with AnonyTun Beta VPN 5.0. With AnonyTun Beta V5.0, you can also power all apps on your Android phone with 9Mobile YouTube data so you're not just limited to video streaming with the bonus.
Yes 9Mobile (Etisalat) may be the most expensive network to subscribe for data plans but the important of this Video bonus cannot be overemphasized.

9Mobile offers all subscribers who activate any monthly data plan with what is called "Cliq4DNite". Cliq4DNite is a bonus that allows you to stream YouTube videos for free from 1AM to 5AM daily for the period of your monthly data plan. You have a maximum of 2GB for free.

What this means is that when you subscribe to a monthly data plan, even if it's just N500 plan, you will be eligible to stream videos on YouTube for free every night. You may call it a free browsing cheat because officially, you can't browse with the video data.

However, what if you don't like the idea of watching videos online? What if you prefer reading stuffs online, chatting or doing any other thing like playing online games?

Well, I have a good news for you and that news is that I personally power all apps and even use this 9Mobile free YouTube data on PC (laptop) with the help of PdaNet app.

This I achieved with the help of a powerful VPN app dubbed AnonyTun Beta 5.0 so you can download the app from that link if you don't already have it on your device.

Oh yea... Enough of the introductions and explanation, let's go straight to business of the day which is also the reason you read to this extent.

Things You Will Need:
  1. Your Android Phone or tablet
  2. Your 9Mobile SIM
  3. An active monthly data plan
  4. AnonyTun Beta V5.0 (download here)
  5. Strong and stable 3G or 4G network
Once the above requirements are in place, you are already on course to enjoy this trick.

  1. First, subscribe to any 9Mobile monthly data plan. You can start with N500 for 1GB plan and you can subscribe for it by dialing *229*2*12#. Check other 9Mobile plans here
  2. After that, download the VPN from the link above
  3. Install and launch it on your phone
  4. Configure
  5. Go to Stealth Settings and enter these details;
  6. Enable Tunel VPN ON/OFF
  7. Protocol: HTTP
  8. Puerto: 8081
  9. Enable Conectar Via Proxy as you can see from the screenshots
  10. Hit Save
  1. URL/HOST:
  2. Request Method: GET
  3. Injection method: Normal
  4. Tick user agent
  5. Now click on "Generate" 
Finally go back to the app homepage to connect if it didn't connect automatically. At this point, you are fully connected and should be able to open web browsers like Chrome, UC, Opera as well as social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram WhatsApp etc with the Etisalat YouTube data.

NOTE that the YouTube data is capped at 2GB so it's not unlimited.
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