Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Release Date, Price And Specification

We all know very well that at the end of February when the South Korean giant Samsung will announce its next top of the range, the Galaxy S9. However, after the Galaxy S9, the South Korean giant Samsung’s next top of the range will be the Galaxy Note 9 and today in this article I will tell you the expected release date, price and specs of Galaxy Note 9.
It will be already at the end of February when the South Korean giant Samsung will announce its next top of the range, the Galaxy S9. However, after the Galaxy S9 the South Korean giant Samsung’s next top of the range will be the Galaxy Note 9 which is expected to arrive in September, but although there is still so much time there, the truth is that the first rumours and the first concepts begin to appear.

There are already several rumours circulating on the Internet that speculate what will be Samsung’s next Note. On February 25 we will finally be able to imagine what it will look like, as well as some specs since it is normal for Samsung to transpose some of the characteristics of the Galaxy S for the Galaxy Note. However, it is only in September that we will be sure of what will be the most complete smartphone on the market.

Galaxy Note 9 is almost certain to arrive in the summer. Last year, Note 8 was introduced on August 23 and placed on the market on September 15.

For this year, there is still an expected day for the release of Note 9, but rumours point mid-September to its possible release.

The design

The look of Note 9 should be a natural evolution of what will be the Galaxy S9, of which there are already many concepts, but none of that satisfies the eyes of the most attentive. In addition, it is also not expected that there will be a drastic change from Note 8.

We can see a frame above and below the screen even thinner, in a building where glass and metal will predominate.

Will the fingerprint sensor finally go back to where it should never have gone?

According to some sources, it is expected that finally this year will begin to appear fingerprint sensors embedded in the screens and, therefore, Samsung should be one of these brands that can do it in its Note 9, finally taking it from the rear, where it should never have gone.

While S Pen will be the right element in this new Note, which should come even more optimized. And then we can still have a device with IP68 certificate of resistance to water and dust.

Here is the concept for the new Note 9:-

Note 8 came with a 6.3-inch screen with a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels (QuadHD+) and 18.5:9 aspect ratio. For Note 9 exactly the features are expected, but instead of the QuadHD+ resolution, a 4K resolution is expected. There will certainly be a greater use of the structure of the smartphone.
The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to arrive with a dual rear camera, following the trend of the market and the line Note, which marked the entry of dual rear cameras in Samsung smartphones.

In Note 9 the characteristics of the double chamber should be maintained, with some improvements at the sensor level. It should maintain dual optical stabilization, one sensor will work for Direct Focus photos (to create blurry background effect) and for optical zoom, and the other will have a wide-angle lens, used as the primary lens.

The front camera should not show great news, but certainly, it will be accompanied by an advanced facial recognition module, which is expected to be really safe, at least at FaceID level, and a typical iris reader.

In terms of hardware, no big surprises are expected. It is known what is on the market and what is the history of Samsung, so we will have Note 9 with a processor Snapdragon 845 or with the latest Samsung Exynos (depending on the region).

As for RAM, there are those who advance that will continue with the 6 GB, but there are other sources that indicate that it will have 8 GB. I think the 6 GB will be Samsung’s choice. For internal storage, nothing less than 64 GB is expected and the possibility of expansion via microSD card.

We can count on the Android Oreo modified by the Samsung Experience, adapted to the features of the S Pen and the features of the curved screen.
All this is just rumours and assumptions, but given the evolution of the market, many of these ideas are very likely to be implemented in the new Note 9.

Until then, it is the Note 8 the King of Samsung. The Note 8 that reached the market for about $999, but can already be found at a price that is around $850, and for about $999 can already be acquired with Dex Station.

So, at what price will Note 9 arrive? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.
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