Talking About Kwese Tv In Nigeria Channels, Subscriptions, Decoder Price and etc

Kwesé TV is a pay-as-you-watch satellite TV service, offering over 50 channels of world-class entertainment. KweseTV was launched in Nigerian in 2017 and also available in Rwanda, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland with more African countries to follow soon.

Kwesé is a Pan-African entertainment company, the newest kid on the block redefining TV in Africa, operated by Econet Media, a subsidiary of Econet Wireless. Kwesé’s product offering is available on satellite and internet based platforms, including video-on-demand and mobile options.

With Kwesé, content is not only accessible through multi-platform service, but also through a revolutionary payment model. Kwesé subscribers can also enjoy an always-on programme offering on their Kwesé TV decoders i.e they can keep watching some selected free-to-air channels on Kwese Tv even with a lapsed subscription and of course these include Kwesé Free Sports channel.

How To Get Kwese Tv In Nigeria

To get Kwesé TV you need to buy a Kwesé Starter Pack. Simply visit a Kwesé dealer in Nigeria or buy online at KweseTv website.

Once your dish and decoder have been installed and your Kwese Tv bouquet activated, you can also enjoy the world of Kwesé entertainment and sports on your laptop, or PC via and the Kwesé iOS and Android apps.

How Much is Kwese TV Decoder and Dish in Nigeria?

The price of Kwese Decoder in Nigeria is N5,740 but the price of the Kwesé Starter Pack in Nigeria is N10,960.

The KweseTv starter pack includes a Kwese decoder, satellite dish, installation and 30-days free access to all Kwesé’s 50+ channels.

Kwese Tv Subscriptions and Price

Subscribing to Kwesé TV is as simple as visiting a Kwesé branded store and purchasing a satellite dish and decoder combo for N10,960 inclusive of installation. What’s more, your first month’s (30 days) subscription to Kwesé TV’s full entertainment and sports bouquet is free!

After expiration of this free 30 day pass, Kwesé audiences can continue to enjoy exceptional quality programming at an affordable price of just N6,275 per 30 day pass. You can also purchase three and seven-day Kwese Tv subscriptions at N990 and N1,850 respectively.
  1. 30 days Kwese TV Subscription price in Nigeria = N6,275
  2. 7 days Kwese TV Subscription price in Nigeria = N1,850.
  3. 3 days Kwese TV Subscription price in Nigeria = N990
Kwese Tv Channels
Kwesé currently has over 50 premium channels including Kwesé Prime, Kwesé Inc, three Kwesé movie channels, Kwesé Kids, Revolt TV, three Trace music channels, NBA TV, Kwesé Sports 1, Kwesé Sports 2, AMC, Discovery, DreamWorks and many more channels never before seen in Africa. You can check out full Kwese Tv channels list.
Kwese Tv Contact Details
  1. Phone number of Kwese Tv in Nigeria : 014407312
  2. Twitter : @watchkwese
  3. Facebook :
  4. Email :

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