Telegram Increase Supergroup Member Limit to 100,000

Telegram, one of them most use instant messenger in the world has come with a timely update for those that operates groups and I’m sure you’ll love it. Just beginning of the year, the released an update that allows you to open multiple account on same phone and now this...
Before now, Super group limit was pushed from 1000 to 5000 in 2016, and in 2017, super group limits was pushed to 10,000.

Today, Telegram has announced an important update pushing super group limits to 100,000… something that will take WhatsApp forever to implement.

Once your group reaches 200 members you can now elect to upgrade to supergroup status, which optimizes settings for larger communities. New members will be able to see the whole message history when they join, for example, and when someone deletes a message, it will be deleted for everyone in the group. Also, because supergroups can be rather sizeable, notifications are muted by default to prevent your phone from buzzing itself into oblivion.

Also remember that with Telegram, group admins can partially restrict members in the group with features like read-only mode and even stop them from sending stickers and other media for a certain period of time; something WhatsApp is still planning to implement.
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