All Data Bundle Must be Valid For 3yrs Said NCC in S.A

This is what they call Gobe! Actually in south Africa, National Consumer Commission (NCC) has stated unequivocally that data bundles in South Africa must have a minimum expiry period of three years.

In Nigeria, you’ll recall that sometime last year, NCC vow to issue a directive to all telcos to give subscribers 14 days grace period after data expiration. Meaning 1.5GB data should last you 44 days if at all you are unable to exhaust it before that day.

But NCC in S.A took a new turn and want data bundle expiration to be extended to 3 years. Though I don’t know the kind of data bundle they are using if it get exhausted before 30 days expiration or not but some other persons are of the opinion that data bundle should be extended to 90 days.

Here we are complaining that 14 days extra grace period is too much since you can actually finish 5GB data in less than a week. Extending data bundle validity period for 3 years is complete madness putting on skirt dancing along the street.

Participants at the hearing said the matter would end up in court anyway, to which the NCC accepted a suggestion that it should seek a High Court ruling on this legislation before it is implemented in regulation.

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