How to Download GBWhatsApp V6.50 Latest Version for Android Smartphone

GBWhatsapp has released yet another version of GBWhatsapp v6.50 which comes with lots of features like new ticks, new icons, new conversation bubbles, ability to manage group admins and more.

GBWhatsapp v6.50 is now available for you to download/update the previous version (v6.40) if you already have it. We all know how advanced GBWhatsapp is over the official Whatsapp. GBWhatsapp has more great features which can take the official Whatsapp version forever to add.

In this post, I'll teach you how to install GBWhatsapp on your Android phone without loosing your chats/backup. Remember, you can use GBWhatsapp with the original Whatsapp on the same Android phone.

Before that, let's see the new features that came with the latest version of GBWhatsapp v6.50.

GBWhatsapp v6.50 Latest Features
  1. New Base Updated to 2.18.9 (PlayStore)
  2. Disable popup windows (more apps and follow on facebook)
  3. (Super Exclusive) Auto Reply (Auto Message when you are Busy)
  4. Enabled Search Participants
  5. Enabled Manage Group Admins
  6. Enabled Group Settings (Server Sided)
  7. Added 7 New Conversation Bubbles
  8. Added 4 New Ticks
  9. Added 16 New Notifying Bar Icons
  10. Added 5 New Launcher Icons
  11. Added Option to Hide Admin Caption in Group (Mod 1.2.64)
  12. Added Option to Color Admin caption in Group (Mod 1.2.65)
  13. Added Hindi Language (Indian Language)
  14. Fixed Hidden Chat opening from Phones
  15. Fixed Hidden Chat opening from Dialer
  16. Fixed Hidden Message showing in Widget
  17. Fixed Hidden Chat Opening from Widget
  18. Fixed Able to call Hidden Chat From Group
  19. Fixed Showing Hidden Chat when try to Share from Gallery or File Manager.
  20. Fixed App Opening from Widget even when Locked
  21. Fixed Crash On Some Devices
  22. Many More Fixes
Where To Download Latest Gbwhatsapp v6.50?
How To Install GBWhatsapp Without Losing Chats

You can install GBWhatsapp on your Android phone without losing chats. You can use GBWhatsapp at the same time with the official Whatsapp version on same phone. It's very easy. Kindly follow me along.

Step 1: Download GBWhatsApp apk on your android smartphone or tablet from the above link.

Note: If you want to use GBWhatsApp, or move from official WhatsApp version or WhatsApp Plus to GBWhatsapp, and want to keep chats, then go to Settings in your WhatsApp — Chats — Backup. Then go to file manager in your android device and rename WhatsApp folder name to GBWhatsApp (case sensitive).
Step 2: Go to Android settings and click on Settings — Security — tick Unknown Sources

Step 3: Now, install GBWhatsApp on your Android device, which you previously downloaded from the above link.

Step 4: Open GBWhatsApp and click AGREE AND CONTINUE. If you see a message like "Allow WhatsApp to access Message" click on allow for all message.

Step 5: Enter your mobile number and verify your number in GBWhatsApp. This step may take a few minutes, wait a little bit for it to deliver verification code to your phone.

Step 6: If you have backup Press Restore Lastet Backup. Wait a little to complete restore.

Step 7: Enter your name and choose profile picture.

That's all. Simple as that. If you encountered any problem while installing GBWhatsapp on your Android, kindly comment below and I'll reply almost immediately.

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