These 42 Phones Are Shipped With Triada Banking Virus

Who would thought that a brand new phone he or she bought came with a virus as it was shipped? This is exactly what is Happening now and some phone manufacturers are to be blamed. There is a new security report from Russia that about 42 smartphones are shipped with a banking Trojan virus called 'Triada'. 

It's a bad news for those who love budget phones, especially from not-so-popular brands, like Leagoo.

According to a Russia-based antivirus vendor Dr. Web, over 42 Android smartphones have been shipped with a trada Android banking trojan.

Once present can root devices and make it impossible for you to get rid of it without reinstalling the operating system. As stated in the report, the key feature of Android.Triada.231is that cybercriminals inject this Trojan into the system library. The virus is not relatively new in the industry but it's very dangerous as it can still your banking information and other private info you type with your phone.
So, are the manufacturers to blame? According to the reports:

Although the blame should mainly go to the third party software developers who inject malware alongside the applications that come with the phones. In their words:
This [software development] company provided Leagoo with one of its applications to be included into an image of the mobile operating system, as well as with an instruction to add third-party code into the system libraries before their compilation.
But the phone manufacturers should also get some blame because it's their responsibility to test their devices before shipping them.

Having said that, here are the 42 smartphones that have been affected so far.
  1. Leagoo M5
  2. Leagoo M5 Plus
  3. Leagoo M5 Edge
  4. Leagoo M8
  5. Leagoo M8 Pro
  6. Leagoo Z5C
  7. Leagoo T1 Plus
  8. Leagoo Z3C
  9. Leagoo Z1C
  10. Leagoo M9
  11. ARK Benefit M8
  12. Zopo Speed 7 Plus
  13. UHANS A101
  14. Doogee X5 Max
  15. Doogee X5 Max Pro
  16. Doogee Shoot 1
  17. Doogee Shoot 2
  18. Tecno W2
  19. Homtom HT16
  20. Umi London
  21. Kiano Elegance 5.1
  22. iLife Fivo Lite
  23. Mito A39
  24. Vertex Impress InTouch 4G
  25. Vertex Impress Genius
  26. myPhone Hammer Energy
  27. Advan S5E NXT
  28. Advan S4Z
  29. Advan i5E
  32. Tesla SP6.2
  33. Cubot Rainbow
  34. EXTREME 7
  35. Haier T51
  36. Cherry Mobile Flare S5
  37. Cherry Mobile Flare J2S
  38. Cherry Mobile Flare P1
  39. NOA H6
  40. Pelitt T1 PLUS
  41. Prestigio Grace M5 LTE
  42. BQ 5510
Personally, I think the surprise inclusion on this list is the Tecno W2. However, LEAGOO products made up a large number of the list.

Which of these phones are you using? What will you do now? Remember the only option or step needed to get rid of the virus is to install a new software or clean custom rom of the phone in question.  

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