Google Is Shutting Down Its URL Shortening Service

We all know very well that the tech giant Google’s URL Shortener service is one of the best URL shortening services available on the market. However, now according to the latest reports, recently, the tech giant Google itself has announced the closure of its well-known URL shortening service.

If you have a link to copy, but it aesthetically looks bad because it’s over, then certainly you’ve already turned to the popular URL shortcuts.

One of the best known is the tech giant Google’s URL Shortener (, but this service has the days counted and will be closed as early as 1 year.

To make life easier for those who want to copy lengthy URLs, the tech giant Google’s URL shortener was created in 2009.

Earlier we wrote about this service here that became massively used by Internet users, since it allows not only URL shortening, save previously shortened URLs and still know how many clicks were made on that short link.

If you use this service, you will certainly be dismayed to learn that the tech giant Google’s developer team announced today that will be shut down in exactly one year, by March 30, 2019.

The closing process will begin in April, and the links created so far will remain active. However, after April 13, users who have never used the service, or who have used it anonymously, will no longer be able to create short links.

Those who use the service may continue to do so by the time of closure.

Moreover, the tech giant Google says that this closure is intended to promote the use of the service Firebase Dynamic Links, which allows, with the same link, access different locations, depending on the device you access.

But for those who want just shorten URLs, the tech giant Google recommends using services like Bitly and
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