Meet The New Gmail Interface Launches Today

The new Gmail, which sports a modern look and offers a bunch of features previously exclusive to Inbox, launches today.

You can start using these new updates in Gmail on the web today, with some features appearing within the coming weeks. Go to Settings (the cog wheel in the top right corner of your inbox) and select “Try the new Gmail.” If you want to switch back later down the road, you can go to the same place and select “Go back to classic Gmail.”

New features include self destructing emails, the ability to open attachments directly from your inbox, inline reminders to follow-up, and smart replies on the desktop. Also, Boomerang just got Sherlocked: Gmail now lets you “snooze” emails from your inbox without any third party tools.

Mobile users can now see only high-priority notifications, if they want.

Note that G-Suite users will not see the new interface today: this is exclusive to consumer accounts for now.

As of this writing no one on staff has the new Gmail, but stay tuned: we’ll be writing all about how to use this new version of Gmail in the weeks to come.
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