Opera News Airtime Cashout Issue Has Fixed, You Can Now Withdraw From Your Airtime Balances

It is no more news that Opera Administrators are offering unlimited airtime for free! "You will be credited N100 of free airtime to your balance for every invited friend that downloads Opera News".

For about the 3 days now, people are unable to withdraw their earned referral bonus from Opera News Balances. When trying to buy airtime, you will see the error message: "airtime purchase failed". This made many people think that it is a scam promo, but I want you to know that Opera News referral Promo is real and genuine.

It seems Opera has exceeded their Airtime limit, which required the renewer of the contract from where they are getting the credits =>SuperTopup. Thank God the necessary steps have been taken and the platform has re-loaded with enough credits.

Now, the issue was fixed and you can now use your earned referral bonus to purchase airtime on the platform.

I personally have almost N4,000 stocked on the platform since 2 days ago.

I just tried my luck this money to see if I can withdraw. Thank God, it was successful. I informed people around me, they all successfully withdrew theirs. If you are also part of the who have airtime to withdraw from the Opera News balance, rush in now to withdraw your earnings.

For those who just heard it for the first time and have an interest in getting the free unlimited airtime through Opera News, kindly check this post for the full details: How to Earn Unlimited Free Airtime Via Opera News App
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