Apple Won’t Replace Your Battery Unless It Fixes Everything Wrong With Your Phone

Apple is currently offering a sweet deal on a battery replacement, but if there’s anything else wrong with your phone you’ll have to pay to fix that, too.

According to a report from the BBC, some users going into Apple to get a battery replacement are finding themselves with higher bills than they expect. As the company works on the phone, it will sometimes find other issues like cracked screens or faulty components. Per Apple’s company policy, any issue that could “impair the replacement of the battery” also has to be addressed (and paid for). And in a device this small, pretty much any broken part could be considered an impairment to replacing the battery.

While this makes sense as a policy, it’s worth keeping in mind if you go to get your own battery replaced. If you have even a small hardware problem—say, a hairline crack in your display—that you’ve just learned to live with, Apple may make you pay to fix it if you want the cheap battery replacement. While it’s not the most unreasonable request on Apple’s part, it still might be enough to dissuade some from taking advantage of the deal.

Source: BBC via Gizmodo
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