Girl Won Horse Racing Prize But Because of Selfie She Lost Everything

An Australian girl who won horse racing prize of $825 but unfortunately after she posted her selfie with her ticket in Facebook, within a time she logout she lost that amount of prize.

It is not boring when you have a winning ticket with a prize of almost $ 825, and reaching to pick up the prize, find that someone had already done it for you?

The bizarre thing happened in Australia when a woman identified as Chantelle posted a selfie on Facebook displaying an infectious smile and also the winning ticket of a horse race that took place during the Melbourne Cup. The prize amount was equivalent to $ 825, but when she went to redeem the prize, she discovered that it had been done by someone else.

Girl Won Horse Racing Prize But Because of Selfie She Lost Everything

The culprit was that a “friend” of the Australian used the ticket bar code on the picture to get the money. Chantelle did not leave cheap: 

Who used my photo to redeem my prize:. You’re an idiot You ruined my life, shouted the girl, with good reason.

For their $20 wager, Chantelle and her two mates won $825, however when they went to gather their prize only 15 minutes after the fact, they were told somebody had effectively gathered it, utilizing her photograph highlighting her triumphant ticket. 

Somebody had a really decent amusement at sifting my photo and slicing through my scanner tag and placing it into a mechanized machine, Chantelle was cited as saying.

The guilty party is likely one of her Facebook companions. 

To the low life who is clearly my companion on Facebook and utilized my photograph to guarantee our rewards. You demolished my day, a miffed Chantelle composed on Facebook.

Local police said it was possible to trace where the money was withdrawn and that probably the person responsible for the “game” will be found. Chantelle, in turn, decided to delete her Facebook profile.
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