How to Browse or Open SD Card Files on Chrome for Android Smartphone

There are some things you never knew existed on an Android phone. Android OS is wonderful and I really love it, no doubt. Do you even know that you can browse / open your SD card via a browser? Ofcourse it's possible.

You can access your SD card through Chrome browser on Android. But what you can't do is to delete, move or rename a folder. You will only view folders, open them, play music, play videos and view images.

It's very simple. I'll quickly show you how to access your local storage (SD card) on Chrome browser for Android.

How to Browse / Open SD Card Files On Chrome for Android
  1. To open SD card stored files in your phone using Chrome browser, just type this in Chrome address bar 
  2. file:///sdcard/
  3. Then press GO.
It will open the contents (both hidden folders) of your SD card. You can tap on any folder to open it. Your file structure is displayed clearly in the browser itself. Though there are some Directory you would want to open but you will get an error message like "Access to the file was denied".

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