How To Power All Apps With 9Mobile Cliq4DNite Data Bonus

Hello guys, if you are a regular follower of this blog, you should have come across an offer from 9Mobile called "Cliq4DNite". It is an offer that allows subscribers stream videos on YouTube mainly at night with the data bonus added to the normal data plan subscribed to which is usually 1GB in volume.

Unfortunately, you can use this video streaming data to power all other apps on your Android phone that is why I am bringing this tweak to help you achieve that seamlessly with the help of a popular VPN called AnonyTun.

How to Use 9Mobile CLI4DNITE Data Bonus For All Apps? 

You may tag it as a free browsing cheat for May 2018 or 9Mobile FBT. Anyone you call it depends on how you see it but then, I believe it will be a valuable resource for those looking for how to browse with the youtube data from Etisalat (now 9Mobile).

Meanwhile, if you are new to this whole 9Mobile Cliq4DNite Data of a stuff, I advice you to the read more about it, how it works and how to get yours on our previous article. It is also called 9Mobile YouTube Bonus.

  1. You must have Cliq4DNite data bonus (this can be gotten whenever you subscribe for 9Mobile data plan) 
  2. AnonyTun VPN
  3. Your Android Smartphone (sorry not available for iPhone) 
  4. 3G network 
STEP 1: Download and install Anonytun VPN from here
STEP 2: Open Anonytun VPN and navigate to "stealth settings" at the top right-hand side and set it up as follows.
STEP 3: Enable Tunnel VPN: ON/OFF
  • Protocol: HTTP
  • Proxy or Puerto: 8081
  • Enable Conectar Via Proxy or connect via Proxy
  • Click on Save

STEP 4: Under Http Headers, set it up as follows.
  • RL/HOST:
  • Request Method: GET
  • Injection method: Normal
  • Tick user agent
STEP 5: Now click on “Generate” then save.

Now go back to the main screen and tap the connect button.

Note that you need to accept the pop-up and wait for the app to connect.

That's it on how to use Cliq4DNite video data bonus to power all apps on your phone including web browsers like Chrome, UC, opera etc. You can also use it to power Facebook, messenger, Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and the rest.

Let me know if yours is successfully done via the comments box.
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