Opera News Suspends Referral Bonus And Airtime Withdrawal

For the past two months now, people has been flexing free airtime courtesy of a free airtime app called Opera News.

Now there is a bad news; Opera has temporarily suspended the referral and withdrawal offers on the app because of some fraudulent activities going on in the platform. Below is the official statement from the company in regards to this.

Due to the large number of fraudulent users discovered in our referral program, we will upgrade the anti-fraud system to protect the interests of our existing users. 
The upgrade will start immediately and we will need to suspend the the sharing and withdrawal functions at this time. After the upgrade is completed, the Opera referral program will resume. 
Rewards that have already been earned will be retained completely. After the system upgrade is completed, non-fraudulent users can continue to withdraw their balance. 
Thanks for your support and understanding.
As you can see, it's a temporary stuff and would stop soon according to Opera.

Meanwhile, don't forget that the basic purpose of the opera news app is to deliver timely news around the world on your fingertips for free. But it used the airtime reward strategy to get more people use the app.
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