Top 10 Best PDF and Ebook Reader Apps for Windows

Here we’ve stated the Best PDF and Ebook Reader Apps for Windows, the apps that you are going to love to use in your PC to browse pdf and ebook files with great ease. So have a look on the complete guide below.

Do you love to read up the ebooks or the PDF files on your Windows computer? This might be a very good option to view the ebooks on the tablets, smartphones but to go for these on the Windows computer could be not that great because of the non-flexibility and the portability issues. But still, if you wish to open these files on the computer only when you know that there are some built-in apps for that purpose which you could either prefer to use. 

And if you don’t want to go with that inbuilt ebook and Pdf reader on your Windows and you wish to have more features and control over your files accessibility then you could likely use up the other third-party apps. To help you out finding up the best available PDF and Ebook reader apps for the Windows computer, we have listed 5 of the best apps for the same purpose in this article. Just go and read the article to know about these apps.

Below are the best apps that you will surely love if you want to refer ebooks in your Windows PC. Have a look at all these apps below.

1 Web Browser

Well, web browsers are not only let you visit websites. You can also use your Web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to read PDF files. These browsers have a built-in PDF reader which allows users to read PDF files.

2 Nitro Reader

This is another best software which can be used to read PDF files. This PDF document reader actually comes with lots of features. The interface of this tool looks like just any other application from Microsoft’s office suite.

3 Foxit Reader

Well, if you are looking for the best PDF reader which can run on Windows 10 operating system, then Foxit Reader could be the best choice for you. Compared to Adobe’s PDF-reading solutions, Foxit is comparatively lighter and it doesn’t come with bloatware.

4 Slim PDF

This is another lightweight and best PDF reader available for Windows operating system. Well, this is one of the smallest desktop PDF readers which doesn’t feel heavy on the computer. The download size is just 1.43 MB and it allows users to read PDF files.

5 Expert PDF Reader

This is another popular name in the world of a PDF reader. Expert PDF reader can be used on Windows operating system and it comes with a new interface and carries almost all the basic features. Not only these, with Expert PDF reader you can add notes, highlight the text, create a text box and more.

6 Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader app is the best app you could ever find, it’s unique design, beautiful presentation makes up the things just look flawless. Amazing functions inside this app helps to better position up the ebooks and hence read these easily. To get out the most out of this app, you would need to be an Amazon customer or you need to register with the Amazon and buy the books from it. Overall keeping up all the aspects of this app I would say that this app is something which would change your mind for every other similar app and you won’t use them at all!

7 Nook

This is one of the best user-friendly reader apps which also combines within the edge of smart functions, options, and controls that helps up the users to better read up their files. Through this app either the users can transfer up their existing ebook files or they can also download the one from inside the online library of books etc.

8 Cover

This isn’t although a dedicated PDF/Ebook reader app but was made for the purpose of comic book reading, apart from that what made it also the best PDF/Ebook reader app is its capabilities to provide vast control over the various aspects. Users can easily open up mostly every type of e-book file format and hence they could also enjoy viewing these files in a great styled UI! Although there is a limit to the users for library space with this free app but this limit could be extended by In-App purchase!

9 Sumatra

Superb UI, small size app and a fully functional panel of this software make up the users amazingly enjoy reading their PDF files. This app does support the Ebooks but for the case that it doesn’t provide much control and that much great performance, therefore, the users might prefer to not use it for the purpose. Handling of the PDF files is buttery smooth on this no matter how much is the size of the file. Overall this app could be the best choice for those who are looking for the best PDF reader app for their Windows computer.

10 Calibre

This software is made for the very purpose of creating the library of ebooks, PDF files etc whichsoever have a content related to the reading. The users could use it’s amazing management options to greatly place their files and hence make it easier to locate these further. While reading the files or the ebooks/PDF files inside this software the users also get the support of some amazing functions, tools and the features which all helps to make up reading a no worry task!

And these were the best possible apps which you could install on your Windows computer and hence open and read the PDF and Ebook files. Moreover, you could find up some other great apps for the purpose but to our information, these apps top around their category and you would get up fullest potential features inside these softwares!
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