WhatsApp Finally Rolls Out Admin Super Power In Latest Update

The wait is over. The pleadings has been heard and WhatsApp has finally put smiles on the face of Group owners who has been tormented time without numbers by group members who usually tamper with the group icon, descriptions and even removal of fellow admins and group owner.

This WhatsApp admin super power has been in BETA stage for months but now it's been roll-out to the general public. All you need to do is to head over to google playstore to update your WhatsApp app to latest version which is V2.18.142

Remember that Telegram which is WhatsApp's biggest rival at the moment already has this feature in place that's why no member of a Telegram Group has the power to edit group description or remove admins except the owner.

WhatsApp has been working tremendously hard to catch up as we can see series of new features but what is still lacking is the ability to accommodate thousands of members in one WhatsApp group. Anyway follow my guidelines below to see how to exercise your Admin super power.

After I updated my WhatsApp to the latest version, I accessed some of the groups I created... lo and behold, new settings popped up as you can see from my screenshots on this post.

HOW TO REMOVE AN ADMINA group owner can now remove anyone he made admin easily without removing the person entirely from the group and adding him or her back.
  1. click on your group
  2. From the members list, locate the admin you want to remove
  3. Tap and hold the admins name and you will see a small pop-up window as seen on this screenshot.
  4. Now select "dismiss as admin"
  5. The admin rights will be stripped off from the member while he still remains as an ordinary member of the group. You can also remove the person entirely from the group if you wish so by selecting "remove".
Now you can restrict ordinary members from editing or rewriting the group description or changing the icon. Follow this guide;
  1. Click on the group you wish to activate this setting
  2. Click on "Group Settings"
  3. After that, select "group info"
  4. Now tap "only admins" and henceforth, only the admins can change the group's subject, icon and description.
Members will be notified once this setting is completed. 

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