Google Bans Cryptocurrency Miners From Play Store

We all know very well that the phenomenon of crypto-coins has been present in almost all areas related to technology. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Google bans cryptocurrency miners from its Android app store, of course, the Google Play Store.

The phenomenon of crypto-coins has been present in almost all areas related to technology. In a more or less direct way, all have seen this new virtual money come.

Of course, smartphones have also spawned apps dedicated to the mining of these virtual currencies, but the tech giant Google wants to put a brake on this new market and banned the apps created to mine crypto coins.

As it is normal and done periodically, the tech giant Google has recently adjusted the rules made available for publishing and maintaining apps in the Play Store, the tech giant Google’s Android app store.

Among the many innovations presented and changes made to these rules, we highlight the creation of a new area dedicated to crypto-coins. Here it is now possible to read that the tech giant Google prohibits in a decisive way the presence of apps dedicated to the mining of cryptocurrencies in the Play Store.

It is possible to create and publish applications dedicated to the storage of virtual currencies, the so-called virtual portfolios, or others that manage the miners, but not more than this.

This is not really a novelty in the realm of the tech giant Google. Recently the company had already done a cleanup in the Chrome extensions store and removed all those who were involved in crypto-coin mining.

The new rules go further in other areas, seeking now to give higher quality to the present applications and making disappear those that are repeated or that try to deceive the users, through the cloning of the most known apps for the cryptocurrency mining.

With the changes now made, the tech giant Google seeks to gain space and clean up its app store by removing all malicious apps that were using Android smartphones for the benefit of developers.
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