Infinix Rolls out an OTA Update With Face Unlock Feature For Note 4 Smartphones

Infinix is committed toward bringing industry first’s and more superior technology experience to its consumers. Infinix has announced that it has rolled out an OTA update for the Note 4 smartphone, which enables the Face Unlock feature!

Face recognition is one of those technological marvels where a machine can act almost as intelligently as that of a human, that is, it can recognize a human from its face and distinguish them from the rest. It's one of the most trending features in the tech world at present, and it provides maximum security to phone users.

All users with Infinix Note 4 will receive notification update except you are having the problem with notification pop up else you going to receive it and this will be for both old and new users.

Update added Functions;
  • Face recognition feature, 
  • Update GMS package to 201804
  • Also, Optimized system stability and performance while fixing other issues.
  • The update size is just 332MB. You probably need to connect to a fast Wi-Fi network or subscribe for at least a 500MB data plan to the download, make sure your phone is not rooted and also charge your battery to at least 70% before proceeding with the software update.
To Check For The Update, go ahead with the below procedures.
  1. Go to your phone "settings"
  2. Scroll down to "about phone"
  3. Click on it and tap "system update"
  4. Refresh to see a new update. 
  5. Now, tap on "Download" to upgrade your operating system (OS).What do you have to say about it? Kindly share your experience!
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