Online Safety Tips on How to Keep your Account and Money Secure

Now most of the people find it much secure to put their money in their bank accounts through the online accounts and manage all other transactions like that only. Have a look on 10+ Online Safety Tips to Keep your Account and Money Secure while you are doing internet banking and any type of transaction on internet with your bank accounts.

In past years banking was really a tough job and to perform any action regarding the money transfer, depositing etc anything would visit the bank physically and perform some of their tasks and rules. But after the arrival of online banking functionality, the world mostly have taken up the pride along that and joined up the league. 

Now, most of the people find it much secure to put their money in their bank accounts through the online accounts and manage all other transactions like that only. But getting not whole secure from the hackers who can also approach you anyhow you should still try to confirm the hard security of your online bank accounts. Here in this article, we have listed some of the things that you could do to make your online banking much more safe and secure.

Below are the some of the tips that you should follow to make your money secure online from different hacks that can compromise your accounts.

1. Password

Most of the people never tend to use the passwords that are too hard to learn but they never know that short and easy passwords can be a real value for the hackers and they can easily crack these up. Try to make up the passwords that are a combination of words, alphabets and depends on the variability of upper or lower case too.

2. Two-Factor Authentication

First of all, activate this feature for your account and then every time you shall log on to your account it will require the unique password that you will get on your phone at every new entry to the account.

3. PC check

Check your PC for any keyloggers, harmful hacking related software deeply if your PC is used by someone else also. There could be the chances that you could give up your account credentials to someone unknowingly through these hacking software.

4. Smartphone Check

Keep your smartphone that you mostly use for logging into the bank account very much safe and remain on keeping up the detailed look for any of the harmful or security breaking apps etc that could harm your account by misusing account details.

5. Beware of Fake Emails and calls

Never give up your bank account details on any such email links or the calls very soon as these could be the approach of the hackers. Just find up some details about the sites and links that you shall use for the banking transactions and then only go for these.

6. Website Encryption of Bank

You might be using up the bank website online for your particular bank and might not be feeling it unsafe in most cases but sometimes there could be risks too while doing any transactions etc so to better avoid that you must check for an end to end website encryption. The green padlock sign at the start of the address bar of your browser signifies the encrypted website.

7. Publicity

You could make your account details to known to anyone if you tend to use up the details while logging through your friend’s devices. Try to keep a single device that you own compatible for login to your account of the bank and never use different devices every time.

8. Track Account

You should remain updated about the status of your bank money always as it will help you gain any mishap news for the account and the details about that if anything happens. Although nothing could happen with your account so often but keeping up the check can prove to be beneficial sometimes.

8. Password Scam

This generally happens when someone unknown calling him as company agent calls you and ask you for the password sent to your phone as a message and after you give it you Bank account gets hacked. This hacking method could be very harmful to you if you will not be known of that. So never give up any such details of your messages also to anyone.

10. Try using Bank App

If you want to have a surefire way to remain protected while any of your banking transactions then try to use up the Bank application on your mobile devices. You could easily find up the mobile apps for your bank and for any of the OS platform easily.
11. Don’t Use Public WiFi

Well, when it comes to transferring the balance and accessing your bank account, you should never trust a public WiFi network. Guess what? Publick WiFi Network makes things easier for hackers to steal information. Even if you need to use the Public WiFi, make sure to use a good VPN service on both computer and smartphone. The VPN apps encrypt the connection and keep the trackers out.
12. Enable Notifications

Well, almost every banks offer custom notification option. They might charge you for that, but these notifications help to know every activity of your account. Banking notification shows information regarding various activities like withdrawals, deposits, account changes and more. If you find anything suspicious, then you need to call the bank employee to temporarily block your account.
13. Make use of Incognito Mode

If you are in hurry and need to access your bank account, then you need to use the Incognito or Private Browser window. The incognito mode doesn’t save any of the browsing histories and it doesn’t even save cookies or cache. This method will ensure that no one takes advantage of your browsing session to hack your account.

So above discussion was all about 10+ Online Safety Tips to Keep your Account and Money Secure. Use this guide and follow the tips that we had discussed right above and you will be quite safe at your work with online banking. Hope you like this, keep on sharing with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.
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