10+ Most Famous and Interesting Bugs in Computer Science World

I have listed the top 13 famous and interesting bugs in computer science world that will help you to know the IT risks that you can beware to avoid them. Follow the below guide to proceed.

The software could very commonly have multiple bugs what so ever the attempt is made to make these perfect all over. Bugs would not be very intense but there could be small bugs in the software even if that have been thoroughly checked up many times. Although these bugs could be small but still these have the capability to cause a lot of problems to the users of the software, and sometimes conflict inside the software could cause up the human life too and the loss of huge money. Here in this article, we have listed some of the most devastating software bugs that had happened in the history, go and check out these bugs.

Below are the top 10 famous and interesting bugs in the computer science world that you need to know about. So have a look on all these bugs listed below.

1. Ariane 5 Crash

Due to the Integer Overflow bug in the whole system of the Rocket panel, the Ariane 5 Rocket blasted into pieces within few seconds of the launch. This rocket was meant for carrying the spacecraft to space but because of the bug it just ended useless leaving behind the $370 million loss!
2. Patriot Missile Software failure

Iraqi missile hit the 28 soldiers dead and left behind 98 injured. This was all because of the error in the patriot missile system that failed to work and hence to intercept the incoming missile, although the lives could have been saved.
3. Gangnam Style Broke Youtube

While the making of the Youtube, 32-bit signed integer was used to store the video’s count but at that time no one would have thought that the videos on Youtube could even get more counts than that. Gangnam style video got more than 32-bit integer count, and maybe you might have also viewed it. Google then fixed it and increased the value of the counts to 64-bits, maybe for another era, there would be no video with more views than 64-bit integer count.
4. PayPal Error

PayPal once read or credited about $92 quadrillion to the account of Chris Reynolds from Pennsylvania and that was all due to the bug that was fixed afterward.
5. Y2K Bug

Earlier during 1960’s, the computer engineers used 2 digit representation of the years like 70 for 1970, but on 1, January 2000 many of the computers would have read up the year as 1900 and for solving out the issue much work was done by the engineers.
6. Windows Calculator Bug

Windows calculator had a bug, have you ever noticed it in the past? It is the wrong answer for the square root of [9]-3. In the answer for many other such square roots, the calculator didn’t show up the 0 which is the right answer!
7. End of Time (Unix)

The amazing thing to know- Time will end on the clocks of 32-bit Windows at the date 19, January 2038!
8. AT&T hangs up its Long Distance Service

On 1990, a software bug caused up the AT&T a great loss of $60 Million that was all due to the issue in company’s long-distance relay switches software that prohibited the users from making Long distance calls for about 9 hours!
9. Mars Climate Orbiter

Because of the ground-based error, the Mars Climate Orbiter launched on December 11, 1998, went disintegrated with the connection and was found lost after the 286 days of launching. This caused the loss of $328 Million as according to the NASA fact sheet.
10. Race Condition Bug

A Blackout across 8 US states and Canada caused about 50 million people. This was then described as the race condition bug which affected the people. This was supposed to happen when the two separate threads of a single operation use the same element of code and without the proper synchronization of the threads these cause the system crash.

11. The Pentium chip’s math error

Well, in the year 1993, Intel’s most famous Pentium Chip turned out to be pretty bad at math. There’s actually a bug that interfered with the computer chip. The chip ended up giving wrong answers and that made the problem blow up into the mother of all public relations disasters.
12. Apple Maps gives Direction to Nowhere

It was in the year 2012 when Apple decided to give up on Google Maps and replace it with a new map app that Apple composed itself. However, things didn’t go right and the Maps failed to give proper direction. Even the train stations, lakes, bridges went missing or mislabeled from the map, giving users the wrong direction.

13 A Bug Fooled Google Into Thinking The Entire Web Is Malware
It was on January 31, 2009, Google’s search engine warned every user that everything on the web was malware. Even the bug displayed Google’s own homepage as a malware. The bug created lots of havoc and the effects were lasted for around 55 minutes. But, after that, the bug was fixed and everything went normal.

So, these were the bugs that happened in the past to the software and meanwhile you would have also gained the curiosity about these bugs and the related happenings. Maybe you haven’t faced up any such issue or the bugs with all your software but knowing about the most interesting bugs which were there is also a great thing. You won’t be facing all such bugs because your software technology has greatly improved till now.
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