How to Become A DStv Agent/Dealer or Installer in Nigeria

Multichoice is not new to your hearing.. and I’m sure by now you know that DStv and GOtv is owned by MultiChoice. Nigeria is the biggest market for their services, making about 40% of the entire number of users.

MultiChoice is a big entertainment and Internet company that has a vast base in Africa, and their digital satellite DStv services are extremely popular in many African countries.

Do you know that MultiChoice DStv makes more than N8 billion monthly revenue from the Nigerian market; so what if you could share a part of that cake…?

Who is A DStv Agent/Deal or Installer?
There’s no big difference between being a dealer and an agent. They are normally able to replace each other. However, there are two types of agents. These types are:
  • Super agents/dealers
  • Sub agents/dealers
Both these types perform the same duties. You are expected to:
  • Provide clients with services after you’ve sold them some of the companies’ products,
  • Activate new customers’ access to the network,
  • Sell or exchange decoders for new models,
  • Provide customers with purely technical services, like the installation of dishes (you will need to pass a special training for it),
  • Prolong the customers’ subscription,
  • Render technical and advisory help to clients in every sphere you are competent in (regarding the DStv products, services, warranties, fees, etc), and so on.
Requirements to Become a MultiChoice DStv Agent/Dealer/Installer in Nigeria
  • Training: Being a sub agent/dealer doesn’t require anything special. You will probably have to pay only for the technical training. It’s necessary because you’ll have to install appliances, fix something from time to time and, in general, know how all this works.
  • Capital: A DStv Super Agent/Dealer on the other hand is the opposite of the Sub-dealer. This requires considerable capital to start.
If your choice is to become a super dealer, then you should have considerable capital to commit to this investment as the commitment fee runs into millions. By becoming a super dealer, you are buying into the DSTV franchise.

  • Good Inter-personal Skill: You are a face of the company who represents it in the areas where there’s still no DStv supply. You are here to help people find out more about the services, their cost and quality, solve any technical problems and give answers to any technical questions. You are representing the company when signing a new contract with new customers.
Where do DStv Agent/Dealers and Installers Work?

DSTV Agents or Dealers are normally located in both large cities and towns. This is because these areas are where the customers population is considerably high. So as a DSTV Agent, you are most likely to reside within a town or a big city as these areas are where the big business is located.

Is There a Prior Training?

Yes, to perform all of these functions as an agent, you will certainly be trained by MultiChoice. You will be trained on the basic technical requirements to be possessed.
Steps to Register For MultiChoice DStv/GOtv Agent Training

Step 1. Download the registration form from DStv website [ ]

Step 2. Fill out the form and send it to the company Email shown on that link.

The training requirements of the company, however, involve the payment of a franchise fee to the company. But that is barely close to the first-hand benefits.

Not only that, MultiChoice would provide you necessary required steps and materials needed to get you started as their dealers or agents.

To emerge as a qualified installer after the registration, the applicant:
Must attend technical training courses held by MultiChoice
Must pass his formal assessment examinations.

Those of you who are currently serving your nation or on break or are still yet to put your hands on something tangible, you can simply take advantage of this.

Hope this help?
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