August 2018 How To Use 9Mobile APN Cheat/Tweak Settings To Use Telegram For Total Free

In this post, I will be showing you a new cheat or tweak on how to use telegram chatting application for total free for 9mobile network. It's unlike the usual free browsing cheat that powers all application on your smartphone .

To some persons, telegram seems to be a great alternative to Whatsapp as it's allows more participants in groups and some other users always complain about telegram application consuming more data.

Telegram will surely consume more data if the user have not tweaked it by turning off some features that are not being used like disabling auto playing of videos and auto download of image files including Gifs to minimize data usage but with this new Telegram Cheat/Tweak that I will be showing you in this post, you don't need to setup all that because you will be enjoying the telegram chatting platform for total free.

To enjoy telegram chatting application for total free, the cheat or tweak is to change your 9Mobile Access Point Name (APN) settings to:, Proxy to: 127.0. 0.1 and Port to: 8080 and you are good to go to enjoy telegram chatting application for total free.

This telegram total free cheat/tweak works both on Android Smartphone and PCs. In the case of PC, you will need to change the web browser proxy settings.

  • Open your phone settings 
  • Under networks, tap +Add new APN and set it up like the one below; 
  1. Name: 
  2. APN: 
  3. Proxy: 127.0. 0.1 
  4. Port: 8080 
  • Finally, tap on SAVE and use it for free telegram
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