iPad Battery Explosion Forces Apple To Evacuate Its Retail Store

According to the latest reports, recently, a severe problem with a battery of an iPad led to the evacuation of the tech giant Apple’s own physical store in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Yes, iPad battery explosion forced the tech giant Apple to evacuate its retail store.

Recently, a severe problem with a battery of an iPad led to the evacuation of the tech giant Apple’s own physical store in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

According to what was reported, the battery explosion of an iPad led to airborne chemicals that could be toxic. As a precaution, the store was immediately evacuated.

It was the swift intervention of three employees of the tech giant Apple who avoided what could have been a much bigger problem after the battery of an iPad had ripped and released chemicals.

As soon as they became aware of this problem, the three employees of the tech giant Apple simply removed the iPad and its battery and placed them in a bucket of sand, covering these devices to contain the release of chemicals.

When firefighters arrived, they found that there had been no fire or smoke release, but they advised the store to be evacuated and properly ventilated so that the released material or chemicals could be removed.

The three people who suffered from their airways are the tech giant Apple’s employees and have been examined on site by ambulance personnel. “Probably there is a leaking battery pack,” said a spokesperson for the fire brigade.

Employees immediately put the iPad in a bin with sand as we told earlier. No further measures were needed. However, the fire service advised to ventilate the retail store simply to avoid any injury from the released chemical.

There seems to have been no question of littering fragments and according to the fire department there has also been no smoke development as we told earlier, but there may have been released chemicals causing the employees breathing problems.

Yes, as we told that only the 3 employees who stepped in to remove the iPad had to get help after they had some breathing problems.

After the correct cleaning of the space and the ventilation for removal of the chemicals have been affected, the store reopened doors, resuming its normal operation, although with some limitations.

Although not normal events, these problems have increased in recent months in the tech giant Apple’s physical stores. Similar situations have recently appeared in Apple stores in Spain and Switzerland, where it was also necessary to evacuate the stores. In these cases, some employees were injured.

The only time we’d experienced a severe battery issue with a mobile device was two years ago when the South Korean giant Samsung’s well-known bombing smartphone, of course, I am talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which simply kept bursting into flames left and right. Hence, this prompted the South Korean giant Samsung to simply recall all the faulty Galaxy Note 7smartphones and ultimately later the South Korean giant Samsung discontinued it.

Since then, the South Korean giant, of course, Samsung has significantly improved its battery quality assurance, and no incidents involving Samsung devices were reported yet after the Galaxy Note 7 incidents. But the true fact is that the whole Galaxy Note 7 incident simply put the South Korean giant Samsung competitors on alert, hence, the tech giant Apple included, on making sure battery design and size would not come with similar side effects.
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