Unlimited Smile 4G LTE Data Bundle/Plans in Nigeria

Smile is a 4G LTE broadband internet service provider that has one of the fastest internet services in Nigeria at the moment.

Smile broadband offers fastest internet and voice services to its customers in several African countries in Africa. Unfortunately, it is not available in every Nigerian state at the moment. It is available in Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Asaba, Benin City and Ibadan with plans to roll out its services in other major cities across Nigeria soonest.

If you are a big fan of unlimited data bundles and live in any of the cities where Smile is present, you can get Smile data without limits and at an affordable price.

Unlimited Data Bundles from Smile
There are two packages with Smile unlimited data for users. You can enjoy them in a number of cities.

1. Smile Data ‘UnlimitedLite’ Monthly Plan
This is the first of the two unlimited data bundles that are offered by Smile Nigeria. It’s a ‘lite’ version that is valid for a 30-day period.

To enjoy the unlimited options, you will have to pay 10,000 Naira per month.

2. Smile Data ‘UnlimitedPremium’ Monthly Plan
This is the ‘full’ version of the unlimited package offered by Smile. It is also valid for just one month. Data speed is up to 4Mbps. But note the speed will be reduced once 80GB data has been used.

However, it is priced way higher than the ‘lite’ plan, but you will have twice quicker internet speed. It cost 19,800 Naira for 30 days.

Note: The 30-day validity period of your unlimited package begins as soon as you pay for your plan. You can only purchase Unlimited ‘Lite’ or ‘Premium’ package for your personal use. The company assures no one is allowed to buy these plans for reselling or in bulk.

If you need any of the plans, check it out at https://smile.com.ng/data-bundles/
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