Glo ng 4G LTE Network Now Available in 36 States, 208 Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

The first Nigerian indigenous telecommunication operator, Globacom has reconfirmed the availability of its 4G LTE service in all the 36 states of Nigeria and also, in the operator’s 4G LTE footprint are 208 tertiary institutions spread across the six geopolitical zones of the country, where students have been empowered with the fastest and most affordable data services.

This effectively makes Globacom the network with the widest 4G LTE coverage of the country, following its introduction of the technology in October, 2016.

Globacom provides its 4G service on the much sought-after 700MHz band, which gives the operator’s 4G service better coverage and penetration.

”The radio propagation property of the 700MHz band enables Globacom 4G signal to travel the farthest, giving the largest coverage for any site. In effect, any city where Glo LTE is present, it covers the widest area than any other network,” Globacom said in a statement released from its head office in Lagos at the weekend.

How to Activate Glo 4G LTE Nework

  1. First of all, make sure you have a 4G LTE enabled device.
  2. Then, go to the nearby Glo office and buy a new 4G LTE SIM, get it registered or simply swap your normal Glo sim for a 4G LTE sim.
Once it has been successfully swapped, dial *777# to get any of the 4G available plans.
Glo has made it easier for you to know if your phone is compatible with their 4G LTE network, just text 4G to 400 and you'll receive a message telling you if its compatible or not.

The operator explained that the band also gives a better indoor penetration than other networks which are not on the band.

”Indeed, it offers seamless 4G coverage within the major cities without the requirement of handing over to 3G or 2G while using data, whether the subscriber is indoor or outdoor. This ensures a better user experience for 4G subscribers on the Glo network”, the operator’s spokesperson said.

According to the spokesperson, another edge the band has is that it comes with a dedicated spectrum bandwidth of 10MHz which gives users the fastest speed required to download movies and videos or listen to music without any delay.

If there is Glo 4G LTE service in your area and you are using it. Please share your experience in the comments section below.
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