List of Apps Infected With Virus and Removed From Google Playstore

Recently Google removed some applications about 13 or there about from their Google Playstore because they were affected by malware.

Almost all the applications removed from the Google Playstore all had something to do with racing. If you have recently downloaded a racing game from Google Playtore, you should check the list below if you have not downloaded malware and uninstall the application or game if you have already installed it.

List of Apps Infected With Virus and Removed From Google Playstore by developer Luiz O. Pinto:
  1. Luxury Cars SUV Traffic 
  2. Car Driving Simulator 
  3. Extreme Car Driving Racing 
  4. Moto Cross Extreme Racing 
  5. SUV City Climb Parking 
  6. Extreme Car Driving City 
  7. City Traffic Moto Racing 
  8. Extreme Sport Car Driving 
  9. Hyper Car Driving Simulator 
  10. Truck Cargo Simulator 
  11. SUV 4 × 4 Driving Simulator 
  12. Firefighter – Fire Truck Simulator 
  13. Luxury Car Parking 
When they started the apps they crashed immediately, but they already installed malware on your phone.

Many Victims Were Affected

The apps were installed more than 560,000 times together. Two of the apps were even trending on the Play Store.

If you have installed an infected app on your phone anyway, it’s a good idea to put your phone in airplane mode before deleting the app. Another way is to start your phone in safe mode and then remove the app. This way you avoid the app causing more damage.
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