Meet Samsung Three New Awesome Smartphones | Infinity U, Infinity V, Infinity O

The fashion of smartphones with notch at the top of the screen appeared as a trend nowadays. Companies like the tech giant Apple, among others, needed to put multiple cameras and sensors on the front display without that space occupying an area outside the area. Several companies followed the same design and appeared their devices with the so-called “notches”. Well, it’s true that it’s not beautiful, but it’s necessary.

The South Korean giant Samsung, which has so far been resilient to this new approach, looks like it will eventually join the club and not with one, not with two but 3 models with notch.

Notch seems to have won its place

The South Korean giant Samsung devices is characterized by having a generous but high up and down screen, where space is occupied by systems of the device itself. Now the South Korean giant, of course, I am talking about the Samsung seems to be changing its mind.

At the conference of developers, the company has promoted, of course, the South Korean giant Samsung has confirmed itself that soon it will join the notch trend. One slide during the keynote showed a number of “notch” designs that will be coming to the brand’s, of course, Samsung devices in 2019 and beyond.

Hassan Anjum, the director of product marketing for the South Korean giant Samsung, stepped onto the stage to highlight the South Korean giant Samsung’s previous breakthroughs in trimming and maximizing screen size year after year.

Hence, director of product marketing for the South Korean giant Samsung, of course, Hassan Anjum stated that “Let’s push the limits with our new line: the Infinity U, V and O screens. These are the new concepts that are coming, and I can not wait to tell you more about them”.

Thus, the following proposals should appear in Samsung’s offer:-
  1. Infinity U: Basically seems identical to the design achieved in Essential Phone. It’s a little curve that cuts the middle of the screen.
  2. Infinity V: Similar to Infinity U, but with four edges instead of a half oval curve.
  3. Infinity O: This is a total circular cutout of the screen and not look so much like a “notch” on the upper side of the screen.

New Infinity: This seems to be a completely clean screen.

From the description and the words presented, the South Korean giant Samsung seems to be able to shift the position of the notch according to the needs of each device. In the photo, we see some to the center and another to the left, which allows to imagine there is some flexibility.

Galaxy S9 and Note 9 may have been the last of its family

By what is made known, not talking about smartphones with the foldable screen, these new smartphones may have a different philosophy and less conservative. Thus, both Galaxy S9 and Note 9 may have been the last of its lineage that began several years ago and will come to an end this year of 2018.

But the South Korean giant Samsung did not mimic the tech giant Apple’s smartphones because of notch?

It was a campaign aimed at the tech giant Apple, more specifically the iPhone X. The South Korean company, of course, Samsung released a video where Samsung ridiculed the tech giant Apple for iPhone design, as we can see below:-

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