New Google Android | How To Try Android Q Before Its Release

Currently, we all know very well that the latest version of Android is, of course, none other than Android Pie 9.0 and this latest version of the Android operating system is already running on many smartphones. Hence, now after this version of the Android operating system, everyone’s focus is on the next version of the tech giant Google’s most used operating system, of course, Android, and the next version of Android will be none other than Android Q.

Recently, a member of the tech giant Google team for the Project Trebel, of course, I am talking about Hung-Ying Tyan talked during the last Android Dev Summit about the importance of GSI in Trebel and its working to make generic system images more useful, hence, as a result, open to a wide range of audience.

As we all know very well that the tech giant Google first introduced the Project Trebel on Android Oreo 8.0. But, what is Project Trebel? Basically, the Project Treble is an important architectural division of the tech giant Google’s most used mobile operating system, of course, I am talking about none other than Android which simply allows to separate the low-level drivers, which must have to be updated by the single producer, from the remaining part of the operating system, of course, Android.

Basically, the main goal of the tech giant Google’s Project Treble is to combat fragmentation and make it easier for the manufacturers to upgrade there devices to the new versions of the Android mobile operating system. So, basically in simple words, the tech giant Google will simply let all the Android users to test the next version of Android, of course, Android Q before the source code is available to AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

However, one of the major parts of the tech giant Google’s Project Trebleis represented by the generic image of the system, which is better known as GSI (Generic System Image).

While now if we talk about the GSI (Generic System Image) then let me clarify that it is nothing more than a pure and unmodified build of Android mobile operating system and the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Hence, within this build, you won’t find any trace of customizations made by manufacturers and not only even you will also not find any trace of customization those implemented by the tech giant Google for its Pixel smartphones.

Now, to ensure compliance with the Project Treble, the tech giant Google has required that all compatible devices must be able to start a GSI in addition to the existing and developed one from the same manufacturer.

Hence, the tech giant Google also requires device manufacturers to perform a series of tests such as CTS-on-GSI (VCM) and VTS (Vendor Test Suite) simply to ensure that basic hardware functionality works well while running a GSI.

But beyond the testing for compliance with the tech giant Google’s Project Treble, as we already mentioned earlier in this post that the tech giant Google seems to want to make GSI more useful to the users, whether he/she is a simple enthusiast or a developer.
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