How To Download and Install FIFA 18 Mobile Soccer APK MOD for Android

FIFA 18 Mobile Soccer Android APK MOD comes as one the most recent flagship titles from Geneva, Switzerland-sited Electronics Arts (EA). Also known as FIFA 18, it was released a few months ago as the sequel to the FIFA 16 Android game, which is already famous, which is already downloaded over 80 million times on Google Play.

FIFA 18 Mobile Soccer promises you a wide range of enthralling features, enhanced graphics, and controllers. But that’s not all: With this software, you get to enjoy all-new gameplay, powerful Head-to-Head mode, fascinating team Chemistry, and lots more with the app’s upgraded game engine.

EA Sports has taken mobile gaming to a whole new level with the impressive offerings of its FIFA 18 Mobile SoccerAndroid APK MOD. you can build your Ultimate Team and enter into electrifying competitions with opponents even as you design training sessions for any players to help them attain superstar status. The game lets you attack rivals and partake in fresh, season-long daily content.

Key Features

FIFA 18 is an online game. Some of its new features include new events, attack mode, a comprehensive tutorial mode, and new leagues. The downside is that the Graphics and Visuals are not as robust as those of FIFA 16. Unlike similar FIFA games on the Play Store, FIFA 18 Mobile Soccer was designed to cater to the needs of both light and hardcore gamers by ensuring that its core mechanics are kept simple.

You would, no doubt, love the League Mode that allows you to create a league or join one, and take part in league matches. It offers improved controls, which are more intuitive in comparison with those of the previous versions. All other features and capabilities are reminiscent of these previous FIFA games.

Summary of Its Major Features:

Compete Head to Head WITH REAL-TIME PvP: Use the Head-to-Head mode for playing authentic 11vs11 soccer against opponents in real-time across the world. It is among the gaming modes, most frequently requested by players. It features both Amateur and Pro Divisions, where you might be pitted against an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Trainer that will help sharpen your football-playing skills on the pitch. The mode comes with its own minimum specs requirement.

Attack Teams to Claim Victory: Compete with teams in exciting online matches, where you will go into offensive possessions in Attack mode. At this innovative level of mobile gaming competition, your game will be in top gear as you try to dominate 90-sec matches, move up the leaderboards, and get seasonal rewards all year long.

Develop Your Ultimate Team™ with Great Chemistry: Start developing your own Ultimate Team with Chemistry and ensure that the team gives a resounding performance by including players from the same country, club, or league in your first XI. Let your roster show depth by selecting players from more than 500 real teams, by adjusting tactics before each soccer match. Do the right things and see your club emerge as the Ultimate Team. 

Participate in a League And Have the World under Your Feet: Take part in league matches with friends and gamers across the world and compete for glory in a real social gaming experience. Put your skills to test in inter-league championships or play against the most adept gamers around the globe in League vs. League Tournaments to move up the leaderboards and prove your mettle on the football pitch.

To play FIFA 18, you need reliable Internet connection, and network charges may apply. This app is compatible with Android 4.4 and above.

Download FIFA 18 MOBILE SOCCER from the Play Store.
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