N500 Oyi-beeptool Smartphone will be delivered in 7 months Time

Your Oyi-beeptool N500 Smartphone will be delivered in Seven (7) months time. Just like i earlier notified you about the expected time of deliver of the N500 Oyi-beeptool smartphone, It has now been confirmed that it will take up to 7 months before you will get your Oyi-beeptool N500 Smartphone delivery.

The founder John, just forwarded a mail to all those who pre-order the device with the following information
Thank you for your interest in OYI-1 AFFORDABLE SMARTPHONE, Kindly note that your pre-order is only confirmed after payment have been received by BeepTool. 
However due to the high cost of manufacturing, the affordable smartphones distribution will be in batches based on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. 
The first set of recipients will be PRE-ORDERS made between August and November 2018 with expected delivery date of 4 to 7 months from the date of pre-order, as we are crowd- funding for the manufacturing cost (₦25,000) of these smartphones.

Also, note that the OYI-1 AFFORDABLE SMARTPHONE, will/should not be SOLD IN THE OPEN MARKET.
The OYI-1 affordable smartphone given at ₦1000 from BeepTool is strictly for people earning not more than ₦500 per day and approximately ₦15,000 per month.

They should have stated the expected time of delivery and that the product is being crowd funded in their terms and condition… This is where I fault them because their terms and condition is missing this part.

7months of delivery, meaning by June – July 2019, your N500 Oyi-beeptool smartphone will arrive. Funny but not good.
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