How To Get 1.5GB Data + N4000 Airtime from 9mobile with N300

In this post, i will be showing you How to get 1.5GB data and N4000 worth of airtime from 9mobile with N300. All that is required from you is for you to pay maximum attention and read this article carefully in order for you to understand it and make it work for you.

You are required to own a newly registered 9mobile SIM card and N100 airtime for 9mobile. This is for a start, but as time goes on, you wil witness how to get 1.5GB data & N4000 airtime with N300 on 9mobile.

How To Get 1.5GB Data + N4000 Airtime from 9mobile with N300
  1. Insert the 9mobile SIM card into you mobile phone and recharge it with the N100 airtime.
  2. Migrate to any tariff plan of your choice apart from More Talk.
  3. Make use of the airtime, then remove the SIM card from the phone and abandon it for at least 3 months.
  4. After you have exhausted the 3 months, isert the SIM card back into your phone.
  5. Now, migrate to Moretalk tariff plan by dialing *244#.
  6. Recharge your 9mobile SIM card with N300 and you will be rewarded with 1.5GB & 4000 Naira airtime to use to call, browse and download as you like.
That’s all for the tutorial, in any case you feel that the task is too daunting, you can as well share it with a friend. Enjoy your free data and airtime on the 9mobile SIM card.
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