How To Get $2 Million For Hacking iPhone

The search for security holes in devices and bugs in applications has furnished high values for hackers and those who study this area, of course, security researchers.

If most are dedicated to doing so in order to make the systems more perfect, others opt for less clear practices, yes, I am talking about hackers and security researchers simply opt the option to hunt down the bugs and flaws in the systems.

Hence, the well-known security firm, of course, I am talking about Zerodium has now decided to increase the funds offered and now they are offering $2 million to anyone who can break the security of the iPhone.

There are well-known bug hunting programs that the brands feature and maintain and all these programs simply seek to have security researchers to deliver the discovered failures for correction. And for all these corrections those security companies simply offer rewards, with very interesting values.

Now in order to maintain its competitive offer, the well-known security firm Zerodium has decided to update the amounts paid to those who deliver the discovered bugs. And the highest value is associated with the iPhone, which is worth $2 million. This amount will be paid to anyone who will able to find and exploit a flaw that allows the iPhone to be infected remotely.

Apart from all these things along with the iPhone, the well-known security firm, Zerodium has also increased the reward amount for all kinds of crashes and bugs, as currently, Zerodium paying $1 million for remote code execution on WhatsApp, iMessage and Windows, via SMB or RDP.

By paying these high valued rewards, the well-known security firm Zerodium hopes to exploit these flaws to use in its products. The key is even the creation of solutions to break the security of devices and extract data from them.

With these values, Zerodium gets many more steps than the companies themselves to offer for their systems. In doing so, it creates the temptation for security researchers who make this hunt their source of income. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.
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