Meet The Toughest Smartphone Of 2018

We all know very well that the HMD Global owns the rights to use the brand Nokia in mobile devices which have simply revived the mythical Finnish company Nokia. Now, according to one of the most popular channels on YouTube, the well-known smartphone of Nokia, of course, I am talking about the all-new Nokia 7 Plus deserved the toughest smartphone title of the past year, of course, 2018.

The title was basically given by the well-known YouTube channel, JerryRigEveryhing. In a YouTube video, the well-known YouTuber clearly stated that the all-new Nokia 7 Plus is the toughest smartphone of 2018.

Basically, the well-known YouTube channel, JerryRigEveryhing is specialized in testing the durability and flexibility of mobile devices. As we all know very well that choosing a smartphone that looks robust and at the same time also tough is quite hard.

As the Finnish company, Nokia has surprised the world with its new Android smartphones. Primarily for its clean, simple and intuitive software, provided by the tech giant Google through the Android One program. However, Android One has been undeniably one of the factors that justify the success size of the Finnish company Nokia.

Moreover, there are also other aspects that highlight the Nokia smartphones. As JerryRigEveryhing points out, the Nokia 7 Plus and 6.1 Plus models stand out for ease of repair. The screen swapping is extremely simple and the procedure is quite fast. While now if we talk about the repairability score of the latest Apple devices then let me clarify that it is quite difficult to repair the all-new Apple devices.

Basically, the well-known YouTuber has harsh criticism for Apple due to the price of replacing the rear in its latest models. However, he ends up simply by saying that a company does not become greedy like Apple.

Returning to the Android smartphones from Nokia, the title of the most durable smartphone of 2018 turned out to reflect the good practices of the brand.

The all-new Nokia 7 Plus smartphone “is born” from a 6000 series aluminum block, it is an alloy which is used in the aeronautical industry. At the same time, it is also one of the most used classes in recent generations of smartphones.
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