2019 Top 10 Popular & Active Torrent Sites (100% Working)

Torrents are often associated with hacking and they are one of the most popular ways of downloading files from the Internet as well. However, for this, the user required to have a specific torrent and an application that is able to interpret this information and download it through various peers.

As we all know very well that the well-known BitTorrent protocol is one of the most efficient and flexible when it comes to downloading files. Unlike other protocols, the concept of the BitTorrent protocol is based on the simultaneous downloading of parts of the file from other users who already have this information.

2019 Top 10 Popular & Active Torrent Sites (100% Working)


Although the service is blocked in many countries simply for the judicial or administrative order enforcement and much controversy surrounding the “EZTV” brand, this well-known torrents site simply managed to fetch its place in this list as one of the most popular for this new year.


RARBG is mainly famous for its high-quality video torrents and this extraordinary feature has earned its popularity over the last few years. However, apart from all these things we should have to note that it emerged in 2008 in the world of the Internet. Hence, due to its all extraordinary features and quality service, it is also present in this list.


Zooqle is one of the well-known and popular torrent sites, hence, it has managed to gain its position in the list of top 10. Moreover, this famous torrent site has more than 3.8 million verified torrents and not only that even, this well-known torrent site, of course, I am talking about none other than Zooqle follows the closure of Bitsnoop in 2017.

The Pirate Bay

The well-known and one of the most popular torrent site, of course, I am talking about none other than The Pirate Bay is the oldest on the list. However, according to the well-known sources, in recent time it has faced some frequent problems of inactivity; hence, it has lost its little part of its fame, but, still, it is one of the leading torrent sites available on the internet.


The well-known TorrentDownloads service comes in the last place in this list. As last year it was far from the Top 10 list, but this year it has made its come back simply to gain prominence as one of the most popular and active torrent sites.


This is yet another well-known torrent site that has been able to endure the blocking efforts of anti-piracy entities. But, what it has done to sustain itself from the blocking efforts of anti-piracy entities? Yes, this well-known torrent site has simply changed its domain name just a few months ago to recover itself.


Now in the middle of the list, we find the Torrentz2 that appeared as a substitute of the original Torrentz.eu which in 2016 closed its doors, voluntarily. Even at the beginning of last year, it had to face some problems as well related to the removal of torrent links, but after all these things still, it remains strong and active in the market.


YTS.AM is one of the well-known and most used torrent portal which is the unofficial successor of YTS or YIFY. Hence, unlike the other torrent portals like 1337X and The Pirate Bay, it has also managed to maintain its top position in the top 10 list of the most popular torrent sites.


NYAA is also an excellent and well-known torrent site which was suspended last year by Cloudflare, but an alternative was quickly found, with the birth of NYAA.si. Hence, from that time this alternative of the well-known torrent site NYAA has gained a lot of popularity among the internet users.


The well-known 1337X is a famous torrent portal which has continuously maintained its stable presence in the top 10 list of the most popular torrent sites. Despite the ISP’s blockades in several countries, still, it is continuously growing.

These are the most popular and active torrent sites that you can browse right now. However, it is worth to note that there are lots of other similar services are also available on the internet, but we have listed only the best ones for you all. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below. And if you liked this post then do not forget to share this post with your friends and family.
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