Meet iOS 13 With New Revolutionary Features

The tech giant Apple has just presented its financial results demonstrating the problems of their latest iPhone and has recognized that prices are high, the first leaks begin to arrive on the iPhone of 2019 and not only that even some key information regarding the tech giant Apple’s next operating system, of course, iOS 13 has also leaked.

As at the hardware level, some changes will be done by the tech giant Apple like the cameras will now appear with three-dimensional recognition on the back which is already been rumored previously. Moreover, the tech giant Apple leads from the iPhone X by mounting a 3D camera but in the front part of their smartphones.

However, now it seems that the Cupertino company, of course, the tech giant Apple is in talks with the well-known Japanese multinational company Sony for the development of new laser and camera technologies.

As the tech giant Apple simply wants to move towards augmented reality and this will be the first step to this direction, and the most interesting thing is that the next tech will be its own headset that the tech giant Apple could launch in 2020.

The latest leak simply ensures that the Cupertino company, of course, Apple will bet on a configuration of the triple camera on the successor of iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XS successor would again feature two cameras just like the iPhone XS. While now if we talk about the iPhone XR then let me clarify that once again the successor of iPhone XR would have a single camera, but it is expected that it may feature a full OLED display in 2020 instead of the LCD screen.

Moreover, all the above leaks also confirm that the next OS of the tech giant Apple, of course, I am talking about the iOS 13 will have the most used and anticipated feature dark mode, New home screen for iPad, tabs in the apps, and some major improvements in file management and CarPlay.

While now if we talk about the software, during the WWDC of mid-2019, we should have the first confirmations because that’s when the Cupertino company, of course, Apple will launch its first beta version for developers. For now, the integration of 5G network technology in the 2019 iPhone is not planned, but it is sure that 2020 iPhone will surely bring this technology along with it. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.
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