Meet Opera Brand New Web Browser

The well-known web browser, of course, Opera is the everlasting alternative to Chrome and Firefox, and its developers are still continuing to work hard to offer an increasingly attractive and functional web browser. This is what they have done with the all-new Opera R3 (Reborn 3), and this brand new browser will be available in the form of Opera 59.

In this edition, there are detailed but striking changes in the design, but above all, a feature already announced several months ago is now integrated, yes, I am talking about the integration of a cryptocurrency wallet to be able to carry out transactions directly from the browser both on the PC and on the mobile.

In Opera web browser they are clear that the browser is the window for the web, and for that reason, they wanted to try to bother the user as little as possible and simply eliminate small visual elements of the browser that could take space from the content.

Thus, the lines between the browser sections are now eliminated, but above all the clear theme and the dark theme arrive which simply allow the user to establish the way in which they see the content.

There are also changes in the format of displaying the tabs, and for example when opening a new tab and working with them that active tab is especially more visible by its color tones compared to the rest of the tabs.

There are also changes in some of the default tools, such as the one that allowed taking screenshots from a website or the “Easy Configuration” panel. The latter is now on the right side of the address bar for much faster access. While now if we talk about the cryptocurrency segment then let me clarify that currently, it is not in its best times, but Opera still believe in the possibilities of these virtual currencies.

As in July 2018, they announced the integration of a cryptocurrency Wallet in their mobile browser and that allowed them to interact with decentralized applications based on Ethereum.

Now that capability arrives natively to the desktop browser in Opera R3, which will allow working with those applications when pairing the desktop browser with the Android Opera browser with such support. In this way, if a website asks us to confirm a transaction, the identification with our fingerprint will simply allow us to manage those permissions directly and comfortably.

Moreover, this crypto wallet supports both tokens and collectibles; and they are the proof that in Opera they trust in the future of this decentralized economy. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.
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