How To Call Any Number Without Airtime in Airtel Sim

In this post, i will be showing you simple trick on how to make a quick call to any network in Nigeria for free (No airtime or credit) with your Airtel SIM.

How To Flash Any Number Without Airtime Using Your Airtel Sim
  1. Go to your phone call dial pad  
  2. Type in the phone number
  3. Then add ** at the beginning of the number. E.g; **08012345678.
  4. Lastly, call the number. It will quickly disconnect, and then ring once at the receiver's end.
Note that your airtime won't be touched even if you have some in your balance.

That's All, You have flashed the number without having any credit on your phone.

You can repeat it to keep flashing the person. You can also use the above steps to flash another network number from your Airtel line.

This trick currently works with Airtel sims only and it doesn't have limit. You can do it as many times as you like.

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