Instagram is Reportedly Building a New Messaging App Threads

Instagram app is reportedly working on its sister app named “Threads,” which is meant to increase the intimacy between users and their closest friends and followers. Check out everything about the upcoming app from Instagram.

The new threads app seem to be another try of the Facebook-owned social media application to overtake Snapchat’s turf. The “threads” app invites the users to share their location, speed, and battery life automatically with those members who are in the close friends’ list of the Instagram user.

Another great thing about Threads is that it will provide more advanced features like typical text photo, videos, and gifs using the creative Instagram tools. As per the sources, the app is currently in test mode and appears to be a separate text messaging app to Instagram.

In simpler words, Threads seems to be shaped for users who want to update their close friends or followers about their battery life, speed, location, and more. The app is not limited to influencers, artists, or companies but also for regular users.

Some of the screenshots from the test build shows that “Threads” also includes a central feed with a green dot on the profile of the friends that are currently active, this feature is similar to the Facebook messenger app. It also allows the users to watch stories of their friends quickly and has added its own camera function.

Though it is still not clear what significant role “Threads” would play for the forthcoming future of tech giant, Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO at Facebook, has put forward his the company’s move to revolving around the privacy issues and has been working on merging up the messaging backend of Whatsapp, Instagram, and Messenger.

As per the company, the sister app of Instagram, Threads, is still in test mode and needs a lot of improvements for the final release.
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