Download These cool Action Movies For This Week Oct 7, 2019

Of course, your movie taste can be very subjective, but we have picked films that are either classics, audience favorites or critical darlings that we think you will enjoy.

Inside Man: Most Wanted

The U.S. Federal Reserved experiences a siege for 10 hours straight. An NYPD hostage negotiator must join forces with a federal agent if they are to rescue the hostages before they suffer a terrible fate…

  • Download here
In The Shadow of The Moon

In 1988, a police officer is hungry to become a detective and begins tracking a serial killer who resurfaces every nine years. But when the killer’s crimes defy all scientific explanation, the officer’s obsession threatens to destroy everything.
  • Download here

A quick-tempered cop who’s recovering from eye surgery recruits a mild-mannered Uber driver to help him catch the heroin dealer who murdered his partner. Get ready for the ride of your life in this high-speed buddy comedy fueled by huge laughs and nonstop action!
  • Download here
Raising Dion

Raising Dion is an American superhero science fiction web television series, based on the 2015 comic book and short film of the same name by Dennis Liu, that premiered October 4, 2019 on Netflix. Dion’s a smart, sensitive boy with mind-blowing superpowers — and a fiercely protective mom who’ll shield him at all costs.

It has just 9 episode full of action and suspense

Raising Dion Episodes and Download Link
  • Episode 1 [Download here 225MB]
  • Episode 2 [download here 205MB]
  • Episode 3 [download here 225MB]
  • Episode 4 [download here 265MB]
  • Episode 5 [download here 225MB]
  • Episode 6 [download here 265MB]
  • Episode 7 [download here 265MB]
  • Episode 8 [download here 245MB]
  • Episode 9 [download here 235MB]
Note that the display resolution for the links above is 480p. if you want a more higher resolution, use the direct Netflix Premium mod shared here to get the direct link in HDQ.

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