Opera for Android Offers Multiple Colours and Cryptocurrency (TRON, Bitcon and Ethereum)

Hardly a day passes by without another site or application releasing a dark mode; anyway the latest update of Opera for Android goes one better, offering you a choice of different interface colors with both light and dark varieties (and taking a sensitive jab at Google and Apple at the same time).

The new interface, codenamed ‘Squircles’, features smoother edges, a continuously present day level structure, and a choice of dull, red, blue, purple and green concealing plans. Each of these is available in dark and light, giving you a total of 10 looks to peruse.

Not just about the availability of different color options on the latest update of Opera but users can now access the free VPN and in-browser cryptocurrency faster than before .

“Opera was among the first apps to introduce a dark mode, way before iOS and Android, and now we are preparing our browser for 2020,” said Stefan Stjernelund, product Manager of Opera for Android.
“Our new UI philosophy is focused on emotions, on how people feel when using the product. They don’t have time and need to get to what they want as quickly as possible. We are addressing this need with our new design.”
Opera In-browser Crypto Now Support TRON, Bitcon and Ethereum

Opera has in like manner given its in-browser cryptocurrency a huge lift with support for Bitcoin and TRON.

This suggests you can make payments and trades with no additional applications or program extensions. Meaning, you can send and receive BTC directly from the browser the way one would send and receive an image file.
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