This Pictures are Circulating Online as PlayStation 5 (PES 5)

Leaked photos circulating online reveals the original form of Sony’s brand-new gaming console, PlayStation 5 (PS5).

The PS5 in the photo leak is a developer kit version or a prototype version made specifically for game developers.

At first glance, the photo is similar to the leaked renderings and rumours of the form of PS5 that had previously been circulating in cyberspace, which carries a futuristic design a spaceship style.

You could say that because the console design is very different from the designs in the previous generation, from PS1 to PS4.

Quoting Pocket-lint, the PS5 design resembles the letter ‘V’ when viewed from the top side of the device, along with a series of air vents attached to the sides.

On the front of the device, you will find indicator lights that include Standby, Reset, Eject, System, and Network lights.

Under the various indicator lights, there is space that is likely to be used to insert game discs. To the right of the line of indicator lights earlier, there are also several holes including one LAN port and five USB ports.

At the top of the row of ports before, there is a large button that could be a button to turn off or turn on the console.

Although it is very clear, it is uncertain whether the PS5 will indeed carry a design similar to the developer kit or not.

However, if traced back, Sony’s game consoles released earlier, such as PS2 and PS3, carry designs that are identical to the developer kit version.

For reliable information, it will be delivered by Sony at the launch of the PS5 which is planned to be held next year.
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