Best 30 Build Prop Tweaks For Android Smartphones

For Android Lovers, we are sharing best build prop tweaks for Android. Android is the best platform for testing new awesome Tweaks & Tricks on it. 

We can do anything on our Android devices, we can make it as how we want. Rooting is the main requirement for doing anything in our Android smartphone. We are able to use Build Prop Tweaks on our Rooted mobile to boost its performance and lookup.

Rooting unlocks our Android phone fully and we are able to change anything in our Android features as we want. You are able to change Android ID and IMEI number also after rooting your device.

Many Android masters love to test different awesome tweaks on their smartphone. They install and test different stylish Custom ROMs on their Android devices to change its appearance. Also they loves to test different Build.prop tweaks on Android phones.

So if you love to install different types of tweaks on your smartphone then you are at a right place. Here I am going to share various Build prop tweaks for JellyBean, Kitkat, Lollipop android smartphones to boost your Android device’s performance. 

These are the latest new Build prop tweaks by which you can change many internal features of your Android device and boost your Android device performance. But you must need to root your Android device first to install these tweaks on your mobile. Let check out Build Prop Tweaks from list below.

What Is Build.prop?

Build.prop is a file in our Android device which is stored in /system/path of our Android devices. It stores all Specifications, Features and Settings of our Android mobile. It is very important file of our Android device, without this file our Android device can’t able to run, Even your Android mobile can’t able to start without this file. 

This file is invisible this is why we never see this file on our mobile. But we are able to find this file after rooting our Android device. And we are also able to change its setting to tweak our Android phone. Root is must needed for it because our Android operating system can’t grant permissions to touch its internal functions, so we have to root our device to grant Android device permission.

You are also able to add some more tweaks on your Android device from Build.prop file. So in this article I am going to sharing some Build.prop tweaks for JellyBean, Kitkat, Lollipop Android phones to boost your device performance. i Also described the steps about how to add Build.prop tweaks on Android in the bottom of this article.

1. 3G Tweaks
2. Phone Rings Immediately
  • ro.telephony.call_ring.delay=0
  • ring.delay=0
3. Better RAM Management
  • ro.HOME_APP_ADJ=1
4. Improves Audio & Video Recording Quality
  • ro.camcorder.videoModes=true
5. Video Acceleration & HW Debugging. 
debug.composition.type Can Also Be Changed To cpu Or mdp
  • debug.sf.hw=1
  • debug.performance.tuning=1
  • video.accelerate.hw=1
  • debug.egl.profiler=1 (Measure rendering time in adb shell dumpsys gfxinfo)
  • debug.egl.hw=1
  • debug.composition.type=gpu (Disable hardware overlays and use GPU for screen compositing)
6. Faster Streaming Videos
  • media.stagefright.enable-player=true
  • media.stagefright.enable-meta=true
  • media.stagefright.enable-scan=true
  • media.stagefright.enable-http=true
  • media.stagefright.enable-rtsp=true
  • media.stagefright.enable-record=false
7. Saves Power
  • ro.mot.eri.losalert.delay=1000 (Could Brake Tethering)
  • pm.sleep_mode=1
  • wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=180
  • ro.mot.eri.losalert.delay=1000
8. Disables Built In Error Reporting
  • profiler.force_disable_err_rpt=1
  • profiler.force_disable_ulog=1
  • net.tcp.buffersize.default=4096,87380,256960, 4096, 16384,256960 (Better Net Speed)
  • net.tcp.buffersize.wifi=4096,87380,256960,409 6,163 84,256960 (Better Net Speed)
  • net.tcp.buffersize.umts=4096,8 7380,256960,4096,163 84,256960 (Better Net Speed)
  • net.tcp.buffersize.gprs=4096,8 7380,256960,4096,163 84,256960 (Better Net Speed)
  • net.tcp.buffersize.edge=4096,8 7380,256960,4096,163 84,256960 (Better Net Speed)
9. Disables Logcat
10. Disables Black Screen Issue After A Call
  • ro.lge.proximity.delay=25
  • mot.proximity.delay=25
11. Support For ipv4 & ipv6
12. Better Scrolling
  • windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec=150
  • ro.min_pointer_dur=8
  • ro.max.fling_velocity=12000
  • ro.min.fling_velocity=8000
13. Screen Recognizes Only Two Fingers
  • ro.product.multi_touch_enabled=true
  • ro.product.max_num_touch=2
14. Phone Rings Immediately
  • ro.telephony.call_ring.delay=0
  • ring.delay=0
15. Faster Boot
  • ro.config.hw_quickpoweron=true
16. Better Signal
  • ro.config.hw_fast_dormancy=1
17. Disables Error Checking
  • ro.kernel.checkjni=0
18. Better Call Voice Quality
19. Disables Sending Of Usage Data
  • ro.config.nocheckin=1
20. Dalvik Virtual Machine Tweaks
  • dalvik.vm.checkjni=false
  • dalvik.vm.dexopt-data-only=1
  • dalvik.vm.heapstartsize=5m
  • dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit=48m
  • dalvik.vm.heapsize=64m
  • dalvik.vm.verify-bytecode=false
  • dalvik.vm.execution-mode=int:jit
  • dalvik.vm.lockprof.threshold=250
  • dalvik.vm.dexopt-flags=m=v,o=y
  • dalvik.vm.stack-trace-file=/data/anr/traces.txt
  • dalvik.vm.jmiopts=forcecopy
21. Change LCD Density
(Default value is 240. Don’t forget to install a patched market after changing it.)
  • ro.sf.lcd.density=240
22. Disables Locating 
Also delete /system/app/networklocation.apk and /system/framework/
23. Better Image Quality, Lower Performance
  • persist.sys.use_dithering=1
24. MMS APN Retry Timer Set To 2 sec
( If SMS/MMS couldn’t be sent, it retries after 2 instead of 5 seconds)
  • o.gsm.2nd_data_retry_config=max/_retries=3, 2000, 2000, 2000
25. build.prop Tweaks For Battery Life
  • wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=180
  • pm.sleep_mode=1
26. Remove FPS Cap
(May be unstable – better have it activated)
27. Key Lights Stay On While Screen Is On
  • ro.mot.buttonlight.timeout=0
28. build.prop Tweaks For Improved Performance
  • debug.performance.tuning=1
29. Disable Strict Mode Checking
30. Disable Notification While adb Is Active
  • persist.adb.notify=0

How To Add These Tweaks In Build.prop File:

Requirements For Adding Build.prop Tweaks In Android
  1. Rooted Android
  2. Root Explorer App
  3. Custom ROM (Only For Your Device Safety)
  4. Little Mind
So friends these are the some requirements to add Build.prop tweaks on your Android device. After completing there minimum requirements proceed to the nest steps described below.

How To Add Build Prop Tweaks On Android:
  1. Install explorer app on your Android device. (Download from Requirements)
  2. After installing Open it and Grant root permission to the app.
  3. Now, go to system/folder and find the file called build.prop in the folder. 
  4. Long press on build.prop file and click on Open with then select Text viewer.
  5. Now, copy your Tweak from above list and paste it in the bottom of build.prop file
  6.  Save editing and restart your Android device.
  7. Your changes has been successfully applied. Enjoy!
Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any harm happened to your Android after using these Tweaks, so use them at your own risk. We described this article only for educational purpose.
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